Welcome to Mary, Mother of the Light

Maronite Catholic Church

We welcome you to discover the Maronite Church, which dates back to the early centuries of the Church where in Antioch “they were called Christians for the first time.” Acts 11:26. The Maronite Church takes its name from our founder, a hermit priest, Saint Maron, who died in 410 A.D. Our liturgical language is Syriac, a dialect of the language that Jesus, himself, spoke. The Maronite Church is the only Eastern Rite Church that has no orthodox counterpart and has always been in communion with the Pope of Rome. Our Patriarch resides in Bkerke, Lebanon.

Please join us in celebrating Divine Liturgy (Mass) and enjoy our website. If you have any questions, please email us.

Please stay after Liturgy and join us for coffee in our parish hall. You’ll have a chance to meet our pastor and many other people in the church. We’d also love to get to know you so you’re a familiar face the next time you come.

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